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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Levels 5 and 6

These learning activities suggest ways of enabling language learning in communicative language-learning situations and appropriate socio-cultural contexts. They may be usefully applied to any or all achievement objectives.

Students could be learning through:

  • using word lists to find the meanings of words or to identify parts of words;
  • translating from Latin into English, working in pairs or groups, to exchange information or seek clarification;
  • highlighting in different colours the clause(s) and arrangements of words in a sentence to assist with comprehension and interpretation;
  • identifying specific linguistic and/or cultural detail in Latin texts;
  • putting events in a passage in order;
  • comparing sentence patterns and word order, making connections within and across languages;
  • completing computer-based language extension exercises;
  • organising or mind-mapping, as a class or in pairs or groups, information that has been gathered by individual students;
  • linking Roman architectural forms with those in students’ own urban environment, for example, presenting on-site investigations or surveys;
  • presenting information about the parts of a building, for example, a computer presentation or a poster or model of the Colosseum, with an explanation of the activities that took place within it;
  • role-playing a myth or event, for example, the death of Orpheus or Roman battles;
  • researching Latin terms or derivatives used today in the fields of science, law, architecture, and the arts;
  • using video and photography to present connections and/or comparisons with the Roman world.

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