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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

Learning languages website

Return to the Learning languages website on TKI for resources, links and support for language teaching in New Zealand.

Learning Languages in The New Zealand Curriculum sets the direction for learning languages other than English in English-medium schools.

Kia ora tatou and welcome.

Purpose and audience

This site houses the draft teaching and learning guidelines for Learning Languages in the New Zealand Curriculum. These guidelines are designed to support teachers to develop programmes of learning for specific languages for students from curriculum levels 1–4. Guidelines for Levels 5–8 are located on the Senior Secondary Curriculum Guides website.

What are the guidelines?

The New Zealand Curriculum sets the direction for teaching and learning in English-medium New Zealand schools. It became mandatory as from February 2010.

The draft teaching and learning guidelines on this site reflect the intent of the national curriculum and are an adjunct to it. They provide programme guidance, not a step-by-step blueprint or a prescription aligned to an external examination. When using the guidelines, teachers will naturally take account of their particular students’ diverse needs, talents, and aspirations.

The development process

The draft guidelines and this site are undergoing review and re-development with a focus on curriculum levels 1–4.

The guidelines will be drafted and critiqued by groups of experienced primary and secondary school teachers, support services advisors, representatives of subject associations, and other curriculum, teaching, and learning experts, supported by the Ministry of Education. Consultation is invited, initially by passworded access to the private pages of the website, then via open access to the live site. If you wish to comment on any of the guidelines please select Contact us and email your feedback to the appropriate learning area address. The Ministry encourages teachers to view the guidelines while under development, but emphasises that they are being reviewed for consistency, so changes will be made. Their draft status should be noted in any references to them.

When consultation and review are complete for a subject, the status of the guidelines will be confirmed. Unlike The New Zealand Curriculum, the guidelines will not be mandated.

The curriculum guidelines will continue to be dynamic documents that stay abreast of the teaching and learning of specific languages. Changes can be suggested at any point, and moderated changes will be made where appropriate

“The challenge now is to build on this framework, offering our young people the most effective and engaging teaching possible and supporting them to achieve to the highest of standards.”

Karen Sewell, Secretary for Education

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