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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

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Possible learning experiences

Engage the learners in a range of activities involving listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and presenting or performing. Activities could include:

  • making a personal profile in Chinese for electronic exchange of information;
  • experiencing situations involving food and related etiquette;
  • viewing photos/signs from China;
  • making cross-curricular links; <hyperlinks to good ideas>
  • viewing/presenting role plays;
  • writing and answering surveys;
  • peer-teaching characters;
  • playing card games;
  • celebrating festivals – craft activities, for example, making paper cuts;
  • keeping a diary in Chinese;
  • listening to and singing Chinese songs;
  • listening to simple, authentic Chinese sound files;
  • viewing videos, DVDs, and presentations in Chinese and/or about China;
  • creating simple comics;
  • playing paper, scissors, rock;
  • making lanterns – creating a product to use in shopping;
  • making fans, scrolls, box TVs;
  • making links with the local Chinese community in relation to festivals, culture, and so on.

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