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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Levels 3 and 4

Activity 1:

Students can match the pictures and the descriptions. They can add pictures of their own and write descriptions using the language patterns of the examples. They can discuss the pictures with a partner or in a small group. They can then give an opinion and offer a solution, either in a role play (for example, of a reality TV advice programme) or in written form (for example, a magazine advice column). Note: Students need to be taught dictionary skills to help them become independent learners.

Activity 2:

Students can compare and contrast the descriptions of the two towns, using Inspiration software or double bubble mind maps to organise their ideas. They can then write a comparison of the two towns, using simple "compare and contrast" words to introduce ideas, for example, pero, sin, tambien.

Students can use this model to write a description of their own town and compare it with one of the towns in Spain.

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