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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Levels 1 and 2

Although links between specific key competencies and achievement objectives have been provided for each example, language students can be developing all of the key competencies as they work towards the core achievement objectives.

Running dictation – ¿Dónde está mi gato?

This task-based activity includes the language skills of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Students should be encouraged to use formulaic questions and commands (for example, ¿Cómo se escribe?, Repite, Más despacio/lentamente) and to use the Spanish alphabet while performing the task.


Students could read a simple passage like the one given in example 1 (Advertisement) and, using key formulaic expressions and simple vocabulary, create their own poster seeking information about something they have lost.

Role play bingo

All students make themselves a 2 x 3 (or 2 x 2) grid and copy 6 (or 4) of their favourite excusas expressions into the grid, thus making a type of Bingo card.

In pairs, students role-play conversations that include excusas. As the excusas are role-played, the audience cross them off their Bingo cards. The first student to have all the expressions crossed out is the winner. This gives students a reason for listening to the role plays, encourages the students to use formulaic expressions with each other (for example: Repite; Más despacio/lentamente, por favor; Otra vez, por favor), and exposes the students to a lot of language input. It requires little teacher preparation apart from displaying the formulaic Lista de Excusas from example 3.

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