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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Metacognitive Processes – Learning to Learn

Learners use metacognition to monitor the progress of their learning and to think about their own thinking and learning processes.

There is a close relation between cognition (thinking and learning) and metacognition (thinking about thinking and learning). Metacognition means being aware of how cognition is occurring.

English Language Learning Progressions: Introduction, Ministry of Education, 2007, page 17

Language-learning strategies

Students should be taught strategies that enable them, increasingly, to learn language on their own, from their classmates, and from other people. If students are taught how to learn on their own, they can acquire vocabulary and language skills by themselves out of the classroom and they will also become increasingly independent in classroom work.

Effective teachers help their students to develop their own language-learning strategies. They teach students strategies that can help them learn successfully and become increasingly independent, and they encourage students to share successful strategies with each other.

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