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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Levels 3 and 4

These learning activities suggest ways of enabling language learning in communicative language-learning situations and appropriate socio-cultural contexts. They may be usefully applied to any or all achievement objectives.

Students could be learning through:

  • using e-learning programmes to reinforce knowledge of language features and their use;
  • filling in gaps in a text to show comprehension;
  • translating together in pairs or groups, exchanging information or seeking clarification;
  • putting sentences that have been chopped up from a story together to make meaning;
  • summarising the main points of a passage;
  • taking part in a quiz or debate on aspects of Roman civilisation;
  • asking one another for factual information about pictures that show Roman artefacts, visual symbols, or ways of life;
  • matching pictures with Latin words and expressions;
  • presenting visual displays to show aspects of Roman lifestyles and culture, for example, models of gladiatorial equipment or chariots;
  • researching Roman times and comparing their practices with contemporary practices, for example, marriage or the status of women.

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