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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Level 8

These learning activities suggest ways of enabling language learning in communicative language-learning situations and appropriate socio-cultural contexts. They may be usefully applied to any or all achievement objectives.

Students could be learning through:

  • filling in gaps in an English translation of a literary text;
  • crafting their own translation in English (in prose or verse) that captures the author’s original style and intention;
  • discussing responses to a Roman character’s behaviour, for example, Caesar’s treatment of Gallic civilians during the siege of Alesia or Aeneas’ decision to leave Carthage;
  • exploring a literary character’s response to a problem, and presenting findings;
  • analysing specific details or incidents in the story using the text as evidence;
  • preparing and presenting a recitation, for example, lines from Virgil’s works;
  • using reference tools such as grammar texts to refine accuracy when translating Latin into English;
  • independently reading other works by relevant authors;
  • developing checklists of language and literary features, for example, figures of speech or Virgilian syntax;
  • tracing a motif through the work of a particular author, for example, fire imagery in Virgil’s Aeneid 2;
  • giving a seminar on the meaning of a passage of adapted or authentic Latin.

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