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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Engage the learners in a range of activities involving listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting/performing. Experiences could include:

  • viewing photos of signs written in Japanese script;
  • deciphering Japanese realia such as menus, brochures, advertisements, and maps;
  • experiencing Japanese food and etiquette;
  • engaging in craft activities relating to festivals and seasons;
  • adding to their Japanese profile for electronic exchange of information;
  • creating a product that they sell to others in shopping role plays (cross curricular work – technology);
  • viewing/presenting role plays/skits;
  • writing, answering, and collating surveys;
  • peer teaching kana and kanji, creating stories or pictures to use as mnemonics;
  • playing card games such as かるた、dominoes, or memory/matching games;
  • keeping a diary/blog in Japanese;
  • creating vocabulary or kana tests for themselves or their peers;
  • self and peer evaluation of learning and future needs;
  • giving each other feedback using formulaic expressions as negotiated previously within the class (rubric/criteria);
  • producing story booklets to share with others;
  • listening to, viewing, and singing Japanese songs, and making up songs relating to counting;
  • listening and responding to simple, authentic Japanese sound files;
  • viewing and responding to videos, DVDs, or presentations in Japanese and/or about Japan
  • creating and reading まんが;
  • making links with the local Japanese community by inviting Japanese people into the class to share their expertise and experience;
  • encouraging students to notice Japanese influences in their community;
  • making links with other schools with an interest in Japan or Japanese language, or schools in Japan.

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