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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Possible learning experiences

Levels 1 and 2

Engage the learners in a range of activities involving listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and presenting and performing. Activities could include;

  • encouraging students to notice Japanese influences in their community;
  • じこしょうかい – either for live web exchange or digitally recorded to be sent to speakers of Japanese;
  • making a profile in Japanese for electronic exchange of information;
  • listening to and singing Japanese songs;
  • viewing/presenting role plays;
  • writing and answering surveys;
  • peer teaching kana;
  • kana and kanji aerobics and other kinaesthetic script activities;
  • calligraphy: practising relevant kanji and kana;
  • playing card games such as かるた;
  • playing communicative games such as counting games and フルーツバスケッツ;
  • celebrating (i.e., experiencing/enacting) まつり as an integral part of Japanese language acquisition;
  • exploring the significance of まつりfor individuals, families, and communities and making links with own experiences;
  • keeping a daily class record of dates and future events in simple formulaic Japanese;
  • listening to simple, authentic Japanese sound files (links to TKI learning languages kete Japanese page with suggested sites);
  • viewing videos, DVDs, presentations in Japanese and/or about Japan;
  • creating simple まんが;
  • playing じゃんけんぽん and variations;
  • making links with the local Japanese community by inviting Japanese people into the class to share their expertise;
  • making links with other schools with an interest in Japan or Japanese language.

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