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Example 2: Personal information for a social networking site

A: Communication

Ich stelle mich vor.
Hallo, mein Spitzname ist Mika.
Ich bin dreizehn Jahre alt und mein Geburtstag ist am achtundswanzigsten Dezember.
Mein Sternzeichen ist Steinbock.
Meine Heimat ist Neuseeland.
Ich wohne an der Küste in Auckland.
Mein Hobby ist Rugby spielen.
Ich habe einen Hund. Er heisst Red.
Emaile mir: steinbock@hotmail.com

B: Homepage von Alwi

Image of website screenshot.

Meine Heimat: Deutschland
Mein Alter: elf Jahre
Ich bin ein Mädchen
Meine Hobbys: Reiten, Tanzen, und chatten
I ch esse am liebsten: Schokolade, Pizza und Nudeln
Lieblingsfach in der Schule: Englisch
Was ich besonders gern mag: meine Freunde

Communication, Language Knowledge, and Cultural Knowledge, levels 1 and 2

At these levels, students can understand and use familiar expressions and everyday vocabulary. They can interact in a simple way in supported situations.

In selected linguistic and sociocultural contexts, students will: For example, students might:
  • receive and produce information;
  • use formulaic expressions and simple sentence structures to communicate everyday personal information;
  • produce and respond to questions and requests;
  • use requests, e.g., emaile mir;
  • show social awareness when interacting with others;
  • use informal form of address suitable for this site;
  • recognise that German is organised in particular ways;
  • use verbs, e.g., ich habe, ich wohne, ich esse;
  • make connections with their own language(s);
  • make comparisons with their own language and experiences, e.g., ages and dates, how to use talk about Internet chat, cognates, longer German words that may represent more than one word in English;
  • recognise that German culture is organised in particular ways;
  • talk about nicknames, star signs, young people’s interests, exploring differences on social networking sites;
  • make connections with known culture(s).
  • compare the above with known culture(s).

Context: Students introduce themselves, communicating about personal information and location in a way that is appropriate for a simple social networking site.

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