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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Example 1: Dialogue

Student 1: Bonjour Monsieur.
Student 2: Bonjour.

Student 1: Je voudrais un ticket pour «Le Seigneur des Anneaux», s’il vous plaît.
Student 2: Pour quelle séance?

Student 1: La séance de 14h30. Est-ce que je peux avoir une réduction s’il vous plaît?
Student 2: Oui bien sûr mais je dois d’abord voir votre carte d’étudiant.

Student 1: Oui … euh … voilà!
Student 2: Merci, cela fait 6 euros 50 … Merci, voici un ticket pour «Le Seigneur des Anneaux» à 14h30, salle 5.
Student 1: Merci, au revoir.

Communication, Language Knowledge, and Cultural Knowledge, levels 3 and 4

At these levels, students can understand and construct simple texts using their knowledge of French. Students can describe aspects of their own background and immediate environment.

In selected linguistic and sociocultural contexts, students will: For example, students might:


  • understand and produce information and ideas;


  • give and understand information;


  • express and respond to personal needs and interests;


  • discuss ticket, price, and time;


  • use cultural knowledge to communicate appropriately;


  • use the 24-hour clock, euros, vous;


  • recognise and describe ways in which French is organised;


  • e st-ce que as one way to formulate a question;
  • how to express what you want je voudrais/ je peux avoir, what you must do. je dois, when having a conversation to buy something;


  • compare and contrast languages;


  • compare des with “of the”;


  • recognise and describe ways in which French culture is organised;


  • recognise that the 24-hour clock is used in France;


  • compare and contrast cultural practices.


  • use euh … for hesitation and compare it with “um …” in English.

Context: Students role-play a teenager buying a movie ticket from a ticket office employee.

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