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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Example 5: Petit poeme

Toc toc toc, Monsieur Pouce
Es-tu là?
Chut,* je dors!

Toc toc toc, Monsieur Pouce
Es-tu là ?
Chut, je bois!

Toc toc toc, Monsieur Pouce
Es-tu là?
Chut, je mange!

Toc toc toc, Monsieur Pouce
Es-tu là?
Oui, je sors, bonjour tout le monde.

Communication, Language Knowledge, and Cultural Knowledge, levels 1 and 2

At these levels, students can understand and use familiar expressions and everyday vocabulary. They can interact in a simple way in supported situations.

In selected linguistic and sociocultural contexts, students will: For example, students might:
  • receive and produce information;
  • give information about what Monsieur Pouce is doing and use simple expressions of greeting;
  • produce and respond to questions and requests;
  • ask questions they don’t know the answer to, and then give the answers;
  • show social awareness when interacting with others;
  • use an appropriate range of informal greetings and idiomatic expressions;
  • recognise that French is organised in particular ways;
  • invert the verb and subject to ask a question;
  • make connections with their own language(s);
  • compare the idiomatic expression chut with the English “shush”;
  • recognise that French culture is organised in particular ways;
  • the inversion of the subject to ask a yes or no question – es-tu;
  • make connections with known culture(s).
  • use Toc toc toc for “Knock knock knock” – how the sounds of things and animals differ;.

Context: Students are introduced to actions (verbs) through an easy role play. This introduces students to scripting and acting dialogue through writing a simple poem and simple role play.

Variations: Younger children could draw a smiley face on their thumb. The verbs could be changed, Monsieur Pouce’s name could be changed, or this small role play could be extended.

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