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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Example 2: Dialogue

Student A: Bonjour, ça va? Comment tu t’appelles?
Student B: Oh, ça va. Je m’appelle Peter. Et toi?

Student A: Moi, c’est André. Tu es australien?
Student B: Non, je suis néo-zélandais. Et toi? Tu es français?

Student A: Non, je suis tahitien. Tu as quel âge?
Student B: J’ai douze ans. Et toi?

Student A: Moi aussi. Aujourd’hui je fais une fête pour mon anniversaire.
Student B: Alors, bon anniversaire.

Student A: Merci. Tu as un bout de papier s’il te plaît?
Student B: Oui – tiens, voilà.

Student A: Merci, voici mon numéro de téléphone. Tu es invité à mon anniversaire.
Student B: Super. Merci.

Communication, Language Knowledge, and Cultural Knowledge, levels 1 and 2

At these levels, students can understand and use familiar expressions and everyday vocabulary. They can interact in a simple way in supported situations.

In selected linguistic and sociocultural contexts, students will: For example, students might:
  • receive and produce information;
  • exchange personal information;
  • produce and respond to questions and requests;
  • produce a piece of paper;
  • ask and answer personal questions;
  • show social awareness when interacting with others
  • use appropriate expressions of politeness, e.g., s’il te plaît versus s’il vous plaît;
  • recognise that French is organised in particular ways;
  • use gender appropriately ( mon, ma);
  • use avoir for saying their age;
  • make connections with their own language(s);
  • use cognates like age, anniversaire, papier, numéro;
  • recognise that French culture is organised in particular ways;
  • recognise that a fête can be a saint’s day or a party, for example, a birthday party;
  • make connections with known culture(s).
  • recognise French Polynesian identities.

Context: Students role-play a conversation between a French-speaking student and a New Zealand student meeting for the first time.

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